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Dental Cleaning

Woman with white teeth getting a dental cleaningA teeth cleaning is one of the first things that any dentist will do to you at the office. Also, one of the first things that our dentists say to you when you come into our Katz Dentistry office is, “Have you cleaned your teeth today?”

Even though patients know that teeth cleanings are important, very few people know how they actually work. Our team is here to fix that, as we want to show you exactly what makes teeth cleanings so special. If you understand how they work, maybe you can then understand why they are so important to maintain every 6 months at an office visit.

What Is a Teeth Cleaning?

A teeth cleaning is designed to clean your teeth of all the bacteria and plaque that builds up on them through daily consumption of food and drinks. Even if you brush and floss your teeth every day, you can deal with plaque that can harden on your teeth, and a good teeth cleaning does a ‘deep clean’ on that very tough plaque.

First, the teeth cleaning has us doing an exam of your whole mouth. We take a small mirror and poke around in your mouth, looking for any big problems such as gum disease or cavities. If we do find something, we can bring in other dentists that are specialized in the area to help out and take a second look.

The Cleaning

After the dental exam is done, then we start the deep clean. This is where we start scraping off all of the plaque and bits of bacteria that have hardened over your teeth. It can be a very uncomfortable process, and if you don’t like the way it feels you should use it as a motivator to get your teeth brushed!

Next, we brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush covered in very gritty toothpaste, which almost acts like a sandpaper that scrubs the last of the tartar away from your teeth and leaves them all clean. You might have a grainy feeling on your teeth and in your mouth for the next few days, but your teeth will be whiter than ever before because of it.

Coating Your Teeth With Fluoride

Our dentists will spray or brush fluoride on your teeth and then brush your teeth to make sure the fluoride gets absorbed. The fluoride can come in several different flavors to make the texture a bit more bearable.

We provide fluoride treatments because they contain far more fluoride than you could ever get naturally, and it is a real benefit to the health of your teeth. You let the fluoride mixture rest on your teeth until it absorbs into them. The fluoride hardens whenever it touches saliva, so you can start eating and drinking after you come to see us. It will fall off over time, but the protective benefits will remain for you.

Protecting Your Mouth With Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleanings are one of the best ways to defend your mouth from plaque and cavity-causing bacteria. Make sure to call our Katz Dentistry at 737-237-0677 to schedule your appointment today.

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Teeth cleanings are best ways to defend your mouth from plaque and cavity-causing bacteria. At Katz Dentistry our dentists are here to help keep the bacteria away!
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