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Dental Crown

Rendering of jaw with dental crownIf one of your teeth becomes damaged, decayed, or injured, you will need to repair the tooth and also focus on protecting it. Dental crowns can help to repair your teeth and make sure that the structure and integrity of your teeth are kept safe. While it seems like having a crown only comes into play whenever you complete a procedure, such as dealing with a root canal, our Katz Dentistry dentists know that a crown can stand on its own.

A dental crown can resemble your normal teeth, and we work with you to custom fit the crown into your mouth. It is a very easy procedure that has been done several times before and you do not need to worry about the procedure or the process. There are a lot of different benefits that a dental crown can give you, and here are some of those benefits.

Crowns Are Very Simple

It is almost like putting a physical crown on your head, the process of placing a crown on your tooth is that easy. The treatment to place on a crown is minimally invasive and straightforward, and we do not need to remove a lot of your original tooth.

We occasionally shape your tooth to make sure that the crown will fit, and any damage or decayed parts are removed. Other than that, we do not need to deal with any surgery or complicated procedure. Once your tooth is shaped, our dentists will make a mold of the crown and send that to a laboratory. The crown is created and then you come back into the office to have the crown installed and placed over your injured tooth.

Crowns Can Put a Cap on Pain

Crowns are not only designed to protect your tooth from outside damage, but they can also prevent pain from internal damage as well. If your tooth is badly decayed, chipped, or infected, then it hurts every time you need to use it. If you get a crown onto the damaged tooth, then the pain from the sensitivity will be gone. The combination of removing or fixing the underlying problem, along with protecting the remainder of the tooth can completely stop the pain in some scenarios.

Crowns Can Restore the Appearance of a Tooth

Dental crowns can restore the appearance of a damaged tooth, especially one that is discolored or misshapen. The crown slides over the damaged tooth and prevents the damage from being seen whenever you smile.

Get a Custom-Made Crown Today

Crowns are custom-made to match your mouth, so nothing is left out of place or missing. They look exactly like natural teeth, and you do not need to worry about the crown being noticeable.

If you need a custom-made crown to prevent problems in your mouth and restore your smile, our Katz Dentistry office is the best place for you to do it. Our dentists are trained and prepared to handle any situation that calls for a dental crown, and we are able to provide you with a durable crown. Call our office at 737-237-0677 and we will set up an appointment.

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Our dentists are trained and prepared to handle any situation that calls for a dental crown. Call our office today and we will set up an appointment.
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