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Dental Exam

Doctor examining a patient with dental toolsDental exams are part of your routine dental cleaning checkup, and we have one of our Katz Dentistry dentists examine your teeth for any abnormalities. Our office is well equipped, and the dental exam should only take a few minutes. How exactly do we check for problems with your teeth? A dental exam can pick up any anomalies in your mouth, and these can include tooth decay which leads to cavities, gum disease, and even oral cancer. It is important that all of these are caught early, so we make it a priority to examine your teeth thoroughly.

Examining Your Teeth

We investigate your teeth, gums, and jawbone to look for any potential risks. This is done with x-rays, a dental cleaning, and in some cases an oral cancer screening. The x-rays allow us to get a clear picture of the inside of your teeth and see things that our eyes might not see. We take dental x-rays every six months or so, just to get a clear view of when something might not look right. Our dentist will look at your teeth and look for any signs of tooth decay, cavities, cracked teeth, or other damage. Then they will share any problems with you after your teeth have been cleaned by our dental hygienist. If you have tooth decay or a cavity, we will outline ways to get it treated and also schedule an appointment to fix the problem.

Looking For Oral Cancer

Our dentists screen for cancer during a routine dental exam. Oral screening is a procedure that consists of looking for any lumps inside the mouth, head, throat, and neck. When we examine your mouth for signs of cavities, we also look for any patches of discolored skin or any lumps. If a lump or odd patch of skin is found, then we start a biopsy. The biopsy will help figure out more information about that suspicious area. Most biopsies are done with scalpels, taking pieces of the area off and examining them to determine if it is cancer. Other biopsies can be done with lasers and have the same effect.

A Teeth Cleaning

While a teeth cleaning might seem like an extra step, having your teeth cleaned and freed from any gunk or plaque can help us see problems. By brushing and cleaning your teeth, we can look past the normal signs of a dirty mouth and instead see any problems that will not come off during cleaning. If a tooth is discolored even after being cleaned, for example, we will analyze that tooth to see if the problem is a cosmetic one or something more. No matter why the tooth is discolored, we can get it fixed. The same goes for any other dental problem that the exam helps us find.

Dental Exams are an important and regular part of your six-month dental checkup. Our Katz Dentistry dentists encourage you to come in to get an examination because even the healthiest mouths can need a little help sometimes. Call 737-237-0677 and we will schedule you in for an appointment!

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Dental exams are part of your routine teeth cleaning checkup, and we have one of our Katz Dentistry dentists examine your teeth for any abnormalities.
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