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Dental Filling

Rendering of teeth with 3 filling materialsWhether you have had a cavity, a root canal, or an encounter with dental trauma, you have probably dealt with a composite filling as well. This tooth-colored resin is used to fill in problems with the inside of your teeth, and for something so common, not a lot of people know what it is. Our team at Katz Dentistry wants to help you know more about dentistry, and we figured it is time to answer this question.

A dental filling is used whenever the inside of your tooth has decayed and needs to be cleaned out and removed. Since the tooth cannot remain the same without something inside of it, a dental filling is used to fill the missing gap caused by the removal of the decayed material.

Different Types of Dental Fillings

You can fill your tooth with various materials, including gold, porcelain, a silver amalgam, or a simple tooth-colored plastic. Each type of dental filling has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as a different cost.

If you want to channel your inner pirate, you can use a cast gold filling on your tooth. Gold is very durable and can last around a decade or more. It is also very strong and can withstand hard chewing. Gold also draws the eye to it, so you will have a great conversation starter whenever you smile. However, gold is rather expensive and it requires more time to get them installed on your tooth.

Silver Fillings

Much like gold, silver fillings are very durable and strong. They can last around 10 to 15 years and can withstand chewing and other forces. The amalgam of silver and different metals (including mercury, tin, and copper) is also much cheaper than regular fillings.

One notable disadvantage of this alloy of metals is that most of your healthy tooth needs to be removed so the alloy can be supported. Silver can also expand and contract more when exposed to very high or low temperatures, and this can cause cracks in your teeth.

Tooth-colored Composites

The major benefit of using tooth-colored composites is that the shade of them can be matched towards the rest of your teeth. This prevents any noticeable discoloration and also allows for a lot more versatility in when they can be used. Our dentists also have to remove less of your healthy tooth when rebuilding your tooth.

Composite fillings do take longer than other types of fillings to place, and the process does take longer. If you do not mind being in the chair a bit longer than normal, you can walk out the door with perfectly filled teeth.

Getting Your Fillings!

There are several other types of fillings that can be utilized as well. Some are made from only one type of material, while others are made from multiple types. If you need fillings for your mouth, it is because you have some other type of health problem. Come to our Katz Dentistry office and our dentists will work to remove your tooth decay or handle your dental trauma. Then you can call our team at 737-237-0677 to get your appointment for a filling set up.

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