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Dental Veneers

Rendering of jaw with porcelain veneer on toothHaving a good set of porcelain veneers in your mouth can help you smile without the need to remember all those dental flaws. However, most veneers only last around a decade, and then you head back to the dentist’s office to get them replaced. With a few simple tricks, our team at Katz Dentistry can help you have your veneers last twice as long. If you do not want to spend time and money getting back into the dentist's chair to replace your veneers, then this is something that you need to consider.

Be Cautious of the Food and Drinks You Consume

There are certain habits and foods that you do not want to be consuming if you want some healthy veneers. For example, smoking or using any kind of tobacco can stain both your real teeth and your veneers, and we have found that too much tobacco causes a permanent stain on your teeth.

You will also need to be careful with dark-colored foods and drinks. These include pasta sauce, coffee, tea, and even some berries. You need to consume these foods in moderation and always rinse your mouth after you have finished eating to ensure that the stains are kept at bay.

Do Not Make Your Teeth Tools

If you try to open things with your teeth, bite on items that are not food, or have a bad habit such as chewing your nails, then you risk damaging your veneers. They are durable, but not durable enough to withstand that sort of abuse without cracking or breaking. Make sure to always use the proper tool for the proper job, and often, that proper tool is not your tooth.

Brush and Floss Correctly

Proper oral hygiene will make anything last, and veneers are no exception. You should focus on eliminating gum disease by making sure that you get deep into the teeth and remove all the food particles that could attract bacteria. For brushing, make sure to brush softly with a soft-bristled brush, and toothpaste that is not abrasive.

You should be able to gently, but firmly clean your veneers without stripping the porcelain away. It can be a bit tricky to get into the habit at first, but it will not take long to properly brush your teeth.

How Do You Replace Veneers?

If you need veneers replaced, then you will come into our dental offices and we will remove the old veneers and install new ones. We will file away the old bonding agent that held your veneers to your teeth, create a new mold, and then bond that new veneer to your mouth. Replacing your veneers should be done every decade, or longer if you are following the tips above.

Taking Care of Your Veneers

Taking care of your veneers will not only help them last longer, but it will also help them do their jobs and present some good-looking front teeth when you grin. It is not that hard to make caring for your veneers a reality, and once you get into the habit it can be hard to stop. For more tips, please call our office Katz Dentistry at 737-237-0677. Our team is standing by to help you.

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For more tips on dental veneers, please call our office at Katz Dentistry. Our team is standing by to help you.
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