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Dentures in a glassGetting dentures can be concerning for people, especially if they have spent their time watching their mouths get worse and worse. Going from one or two teeth being replaced by implants, to a whole bunch of teeth being replaced by dentures can be just as concerning. However, if you find yourself needing dentures, then you need to figure out when you need them. Our Katz Dentistry dentists can help you walk through the process of getting dentures and make the transition process much easier.

Tooth Problems

If you find yourself having problems with your teeth, to the point where you feel like you are just putting out fires, then a set of dentures might be an option for you. While occasionally missing a dental appointment is something you can get away with, not seeing your dentist for a long period can prevent the early detection of problems like gum disease or cavities. These are both things that can severely damage your teeth if not stopped.

Typically, if gum disease or another problem gets worse, then our dentists will need to work with you in order to perform full mouth restorations. One of those restorations includes replacing your damaged teeth with dentures.

Do You Have Chronic Toothaches?

If you are feeling very severe toothaches, to the point where it is hard to open your mouth, then that is a sign that your tooth decay has reached the point where it is going after the nerves inside of the teeth. Partial dentures will be needed to correct this problem if it is not fixed early. Pain can also come from bleeding and swollen gums, which is one of the symptoms of tooth decay. If gum disease is not stopped, then it can lead to severe decay that can damage your entire mouth.

Do You Have Several Missing Teeth?

If you have gaps in your mouth due to missing teeth, you could start facing structural issues as your remaining teeth start to drift into the gaps. This can lead to jawbone problems, a misshapen bite, and your teeth starting to get ground down prematurely. In order to add some stability to your mouth, getting dentures can help resolve these issues.

Dentures can also stop you from hiding your smile due to missing teeth, giving you the confidence to smile at the world again and see the world smile back. If you want to gain the confidence to flash your teeth, then dentures can help you do it.

Our Dentists Can Help

Our team of dentists can walk you through the transition from your regular teeth to your dentures, and we can also tell you what type of dentures are right for you. Do you need implant-supported dentures? Partial dentures? Full Dentures? Should your dentures be removable or fixed in your mouth? If you want to get these questions answered and have some support for the road ahead, please call Katz Dentistry at 737-237-0677. One of our staff members will be happy to meet with you and figure out how we can make the transition to dentures as easy as possible.

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