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Inlays and Onlays
Austin, TX

Woman smiling with perfect teeth from Katz Dentistry in Austin, TXThere are several dental implants out there that dentists utilize to solve missing tooth problems. From dental fillings to inlays and onlays, to dental crowns. They all seem to have their own advantages, disadvantages, and costs associated with them. If you need a tooth fixed or experience dental trauma, you might be wondering which one is better. Our dentists at Katz Dentistry are here to determine which is right for you.

We are going to be comparing the top restoration techniques and this can help determine which one might be the right one to solve your issue. The options that we will be looking at are listed below.

The Filling

The filling is one of the most basic and also the easiest procedure a dentist will perform for a patient. Once the decayed inside of a tooth is cleaned out, we replace that dead pulp with a filling material. This can either be tooth-colored resin, gold, silver, or another type of metal. Fillings are used for smaller procedures like filling in cavities or root canals, and a tooth can be cleaned and filled in one visit.

The Inlay

The inlay is often confused with the filling, but the inlay works for very large cavities and is more durable than fillings. However, it also takes much longer to create. The inlays are made inside of a lab and will be properly formatted to take up the exact amount of space that your tooth has. They can either be made of gold or porcelain and are very durable. With proper care, you can expect your inlay to last a decade or more.

The Onlay

Onlays are the happy medium between Inlays and Crowns. They are typically used to cover cosmetic damage on the outside of the tooth and can be made from gold or metal. Onlays can be cared for just like regular teeth and can help to make your smile look nice as well.

The Crown

Finally, the crown is the last resort that is used for serious dental problems. If your tooth is treated for decay or damage, a crown can be placed on the tooth and it acts as a type of cap. The crown helps to preserve the integrity of the tooth and also protects the sensitive inside from any damage.

Which One Is Better?

Each of these four options is great on its own, and it usually comes down to two matchups which are, the Filling versus the Inlay and the Onlay versus the Crown. Fillings are much better for smaller cavities and procedures that need to have the tooth filled quickly, while Inlays can cover a bigger area but take longer. Onlays can cover the cusp of your tooth and only the cusp, while a crown can cap off the entire biting surface.

Based on the current situation of your tooth, this will then dictate the type of procedure your mouth needs. If you have questions about which one might be the best fit for your situation, then our dentists at Katz Dentistry are able to help you. Call our office at and we will get an appointment scheduled.

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