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Woman putting a nightguard in her mouth at Katz Dentistry in Austin, TXMouthguards and sportsguards are very useful items for everyone. Our dentists have seen mouthguards protect people’s mouths from dental trauma, tooth grinding, and other damage to your mouth. However, with all of this usefulness and the benefits that mouthguards provide, there are also more than a few myths about them. Our dental team at Katz Dentistry wants you to understand all of the benefits of mouthguards, and we also want to explore and debunk some of the myths that can cause some problems.

Myth: Expensive Mouthguards Are Better

This myth works for other types of items too, but it is prevalent for mouthguards as well. For example, one of the things that people think is expense is equal to quality. However, the most expensive mouthguard in the world is not any better than low-priced mouthguards. Often the price has no bearing on the quality of the mouthguard.

You can buy a high-quality mouthguard for a very low price or a low-quality mouthguard for a high price. Often, the real test of quality comes in when you look at what the mouthguard is made of and the brand that it comes from.

Myth: A Custom Mouthguard Fits Better

Most people want to take a look at custom-fit mouthguards because they believe that they look better for your teeth. However, a boil and bite guard is just as good in terms of quality as a custom mouthguard. One of the only advantages that a custom mouthguard has over a boil and bite is that custom mouthguards are generally more comfortable to wear than a traditional boil and bite mouthguard.

Myth: You Do Not Need to Clean Your Mouthguard Every Day

This is false, as dry saliva that is leftover on the mouthguard will attract bacteria to the mouthguard, and that can cause infections and other problems for your mouth. This puts your dental health at risk, and since a mouthguard is designed to protect your dental health, it becomes less and less effective.

Myth: Tooth Grinding is Not That Bad

One of the many reasons that people wear night mouthguards is to prevent unconscious nighttime sleep grinding. Grinding your teeth against one another might seem like an innocent habit, but it can really cause some major problems for your teeth health like TMJ.

Tooth grinding rubs away on enamel and can make your teeth vulnerable to decay and damage, and it is a habit that you need to stop with the help of a nighttime mouthguard.

Using Your Mouthguard Correctly

If you overcome these myths and really focus on using your mouthguard correctly, you will not need to suffer the consequences that incorrect mouthguard usage brings you. Therefore, do not be afraid to learn how to use your mouthguard correctly, and retrain your mind to avoid some of these myths.

If you need more help figuring out what type of mouthguard is the best for you, then please call us at so our Katz Dentistry dentists can help you figure out what type of mouthguard will protect your mouth. Picking a mouthguard is not a one-size-fits all exercise, so make sure to work with our team to get the best one.

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