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Oral Cancer Screening

Woman talking to dentist during dental examNo one wants to hear that they have cancer in their mouth, but sometimes our dentists at Katz Dentistry have to be the bearer of bad news for people. However, there are several ways that we can treat oral cancer and get you back on your feet and out into the world. Once our oral pathologists have screened you for oral cancer, then the treatment plan is the same as all other types of cancers.

Screening for Oral Cancer With a Biopsy

There are two types of oral biopsies, and which one the pathologist uses will depend on the size of the growth. Incisional oral biopsies can remove part of the growth if it is very large, while an excisional oral biopsy will remove the entirety of the growth for examination if the item is very small.

The removal can either be done with a traditional scalpel or another cutting tool or with the aid of a laser. Thus, once the biopsy has been completed in either form, then we analyze the results and come up with a treatment plan for your oral cancer.

Oral Chemotherapy

One of the newer types of cancer treatment is oral chemotherapy. Instead of being exposed to chemotherapy like normal, you can get the effects right from your own home.

The oral chemotherapy can be taken by a pill or through a liquid substance just as any other medication, and while it does not eliminate hospital visits it can make visits be required less often. These pills can not only treat oral cancer but can help with many other cancers such as prostate, lung, or kidney cancers.

More convenient than going into an office, taking the oral pills for the chemotherapy are more effective and efficient with your time. The pills are very strong medicine, and they have the same outcome and effect as normal chemo as if in an office atmosphere. The pills will cause side effects similar to those you would see if you were receiving treatment in the office. These can consist of an upset stomach or vomiting. Some people will even lose their appetite. They may not replace visits to your doctor or to one of our dentists, but they do help to control the cancer spread and can provide peace of mind to you.

Getting There Early

Oral cancer can be treated most effectively if it is caught early, and oral cancer screenings can help with that. By going in for routine checkups and making sure that the tumors are caught before they have a chance to spread, your life could be saved.

You never know if cancer might develop in your cells, even if you do not have a high-risk factor. We offer high-quality screenings to our patients to make sure that any oral cancer is caught early. If you have the chance to get an oral cancer screening, then make sure to do it. There is nothing worse than an uphill battle against cancer that has already spread through your mouth.

Treating oral cancer is no joke, and that is why you need the best team to help you beat it. Our team at Katz Dentistry is prepared and trained to be a part of the team that gets rid of your oral cancer once and for all. Call so we can start your first screening.

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