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Porcelain Crown
Austin, TX

Gold crown and a porcelain crown together at Katz Dentistry in Austin, TXThere are a lot of materials that you can use to make dental crowns and other dental implants. These include metals like gold and silver, plastic, and perhaps the most important one of all is porcelain. This material seems to be an option for most things in the dental field, and our team of Katz Dentistry is going to let you know why.

A dental crown is a fake tooth that helps to cover cosmetic damage or dental implant procedures. They protect a damaged tooth and otherwise look and function just like the real thing. Most dental crowns are made from porcelain, and it is one of the more popular options.

Why Pick Porcelain?

Porcelain is a material that looks like natural teeth without having to rely on mixing a tooth-colored resin. If you smile with some porcelain teeth in, you will not know the difference between your porcelain teeth and your normal teeth.

Porcelain is also very durable, and it can withstand everything you throw at it in terms of daily activity. Our dentists also love it because it can easily be molded to fit your mouth and does not require a lot of shaping and trimming.

It is also very cost-effective when compared to other metals for crowns such as silver and gold. If you are crowning yourself on a budget, then the porcelain crown is what is the best for you.

How Do We Fit Your Porcelain Crown?

Your dental crown is fitted by making sure that the root of your tooth is healthy enough to support the new crown. We trim away any decaying or rotten parts of your tooth to fit the crown, and if your tooth cannot support a crown, we add putty to make sure that it will.

During your first visit to our offices, you will be given a temporary crown that will last until we make a mold of your tooth. That mold goes to a lab, the real crown is made, and a dental technician will make your crown. Then you will come back to our office and we will install your permanent crown.

Caring for Your Porcelain Crown

Your porcelain crown might be immune to getting cavities, but that does not mean you should stop caring for it. You will still need to brush and floss the crown just like you would a regular tooth, and the cleaning should prevent stains from arising on the tooth. The porcelain crown will be indistinguishable from your regular teeth.

Having a well installed and well-cared-for porcelain crown can really help you regain confidence in your smile. The crown will look great and make sure that you can eat, talk, and smile without any trouble, giving you your confidence back.

If you need a porcelain crown or a crown made from any type of material, you should call our dentists at 737-237-0677 so our Katz Dentistry team can evaluate you. Getting a crown is a common procedure, and once you get your crown installed, you will get back to having an amazing smile and a fully functional mouth. Our team cannot wait to help you out!

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