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Sleep Apnea

Woman covering ears while husband snoresHaving a loved one who snores can certainly make bedtime a time of tension, as your loved one really cannot do anything about their sleep apnea. If you do not have access to a machine that keeps their airways open, you are not out of luck. There are a few ways to remove the specter of snoring from your daily life, and our team of Katz Dentistry dentists is ready to share them with you. Therefore, you do not need to move into separate bedrooms.

Sleep apnea deals with blocked airways where a person cannot breathe unconsciously through the night. If the airway is blocked and they are asleep, the brain sends a signal to wake the person up. This causes them to breathe unconsciously, and the cycle repeats.

Go to Bed Early

Chances are that the snoring is keeping you awake and not waking you up from a restful sleep. Thus, if you do not like lying in bed with your partner snoring away, you might want to be asleep before they can get in.

Make an adjustment to your sleep schedule to be in bed around 30 minutes before your partner comes in. If you can fall asleep before they do, then you do not need to worry about the snoring.

Get Earplugs or Noise of Your Own

If the noise is bothering you, try to block it out with some tips. Earplugs are a very easy way to muffle and block the sounds of your partner’s snoring. A good pair will fit snugly in your ears and will not fall out if you end up tossing and turning. If you do not want earplugs, try using earphones!

Plenty of people fall asleep to white noise, audiobooks, meditations, or soft music. If you have them playing in your ears, you will not be able to hear the snoring and will have something else to focus on for the night.

Figure Out the Cause

Snoring is a medical condition that can lead to some long-term health problems if not taken care of quickly. If snoring has become worse or progressed from occasional snoring to nightly snoring, then you need to know the cause.

Get your partner to go to a doctor or come to our office so we can examine their air pathways. Sleep Apnea can easily be managed, and the snorer is either prescribed a machine to help them or given nasal strips or other items to keep their airways open.

Keep Sleep Apnea in Mind

If your partner is snoring, then you need to remember that they are not choosing to snore. Instead, they are dealing with a medical condition that may be very serious. Keep yourself calm and discuss the snoring with them rationally, and everyone will remain happy. Snoring can be fixed once our doctors and dentists find out the cause.

If you or your partner is dealing with snoring and sleep apnea, then we can help at Katz Dentistry. Our team knows how to diagnose, treat, and prevent sleep apnea from affecting you, and once that is done you can get a good night of sleep.

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