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Sweaty boy with mouth guard in his mouth from Katz Dentistry in Austin, TXIf you are playing any type of contact sport, such as hockey, football, or basketball, you will need to wear a mouthguard. However, if you have never worn one before, it can seem uncomfortable, bothersome, and unnecessary. Therefore, why even wear one at all? Our dentists at Katz Dentistry know that dental trauma and injuries from not wearing a mouthguard can happen. We see them every single day, and most of them could have been prevented with the right sports mouthguard.

Getting Dental Trauma From Sports

If you are not wearing a mouthguard or have some other protection in place to take care of your teeth, then any impact to your mouth might dislodge a tooth. This is especially common in contact sports like football, hockey, or rugby, although getting hit in the mouth can be a risk in almost any sport.

Most of the time, the impacts are to your head and face, and the gear you have on for that sport should protect you. However, if a hockey puck or foul ball hits you right in the mouth, then you will need to make sure that all your teeth are okay before you resume play.

One of the best ways to guard against sports-based dental trauma is to make sure that you are always wearing a mouthguard. It helps to keep your teeth safe and in their sockets whenever you get hit, and it might just save you a dental visit. You might not think that getting hit the face by a ball or an errant elbow is such a big deal, but whenever it happens to you, you will be lucky to have the mouthguard on.

How We Treat Sports Injuries

The treatment that we end up giving you if you damage your mouth depends on what type of injury you have received. If you chip or fracture your tooth, then we either reattach your broken piece or use a filling to repair the broken structure. If the damage is very severe, then we will place a crown on top of your tooth to cover most of the damage.

Some fractures can damage the pulp inside of your teeth. If the damaged pulp is the case, we often give root canal treatments to repair your tooth further.

If you have dislodged your teeth and a tooth gets out of its socket, then your teeth will need to be stabilized. Our endodontist will use a root canal procedure to get your loose tooth back in place.

If your tooth is not loose but knocked out of your mouth, you will need to see our team immediately. If you see our dentist, then we might be able to save your tooth and reattach it to your mouth.

Wearing a mouthguard reduces the risk of losing a tooth and developing severe mouth problems whenever you do. While having a gap tooth might look tough, it does come with a massive set of problems. To learn more about mouthguards and their role in preventing dental trauma, please call one of our Katz Dentistry dentists at 737-237-0677 so we can answer your questions.

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To learn more about mouthguards and their role in preventing dental trauma, please call us today so we can answer your questions.
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