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Teeth Whitening

Before and after photo of teeth whitening treatmentEveryone wants whiter teeth, because we have been taught that a whiter smile is more cosmetically attractive, and also a symbol of your teeth being very well kept. However, that is only what we think. What does a pearly white smile actually mean? Well, our Katz Dentistry dentists want to answer that question. The answer will most certainly surprise you because it may go against everything you’ve heard.

Contrary to popular belief, a white smile does not always signal perfect health. You can have perfectly healthy teeth and still have them be a few shades darker than your pearly whites, and that is okay.

Look At Your Personal Shade

Even with your teeth at their cleanest, your teeth might be a different shade than pearly white. Some people just have teeth that are a darker shade than others, and that is perfectly okay. If your shade is a bit darker and your teeth are not getting darker because of plaque, then your mouth health is perfectly fine! As long as your teeth are not a certain shade of color due to them being discolored by plaque, you are good to go!

Understand Your Diet

Yellow or brown teeth might not be the result of unhealthy habits or plaque build-up, but they can instead be the result of what you eat and drink. If you are eating and drinking foods that can stain the enamel on your teeth, such as coffee, wine, and tea, then the stains will eventually meld into a yellow coating.

Brushing, flossing, and making a change to consume less of those staining drinks will remove the buildup. You just need to make sure to nip it in the bud right away and make sure that you do not let it linger. If the plaque stays on your teeth for too long, it can stain and permanently discolor your teeth. It can also bring a bunch of hungry bacteria over, so make sure to brush it away.

White Teeth Can Have Problems

White teeth are not synonymous with a healthy mouth, as that just means that your teeth are okay. However, you can still have gum problems and have unhealthy gums in your mouth. If you can focus on taking care of your gums and the other aspects of your oral hygiene, then your mouth will fully be healed and healthy.

Therefore, do not automatically think that you do not need to see the dentist because you have completely white teeth. You still need to come and see us for checkups to catch the non-teeth-related problems that you have.

Keep Your Teeth In Check

As long as you make sure to take care of your teeth and do your best to keep them clean, you will only need to come to the dentist for a short period to get your checkup. We love it when patients have naturally clean teeth because it means less work for us and less time in the chair for you.

If you need help whitening your teeth, make sure to come see our Katz Dentistry dentists and have us take a look. We can figure out why your teeth are not whitening and give you a plan to get them white. Call our office at 737-237-0677 today!

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If you need help whitening your teeth, make sure to come see our Katz Dentistry dentists and have us take a look. Call our office today!
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