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D. Hill

There are many things I like about Katz Dentistry. Both dentists and staff are very friendly. I had the best initial exam of my teeth and mouth health ever. I was given a good and fair assessment of my teeth and gums and what they proposed to do to get my teeth looking and feeling good again. The dentists are conservative and only suggest what needs to be addressed now. Also, for deaf patients, both doctors know sign language. I highly recommend Katz Dentistry.

Rhonda W.

Dr. Steve Katz and the staff at his office have provided the best experience I’ve had with a dentist. Dr. Steve is very communicative, he takes great care when working on my teeth and the results have been excellent. I had some daily jaw pain for over a year when I first started seeing him....With some careful work, Dr. Steve was able to make some adjustments that alleviated the pain completely. #bestdentistever

Ivy P.

The staff and Dr. Katz are always professional, friendly, knowledgable and ready to answer any questions I ask. The windows in the treatment rooms have a pleasant view of the woods behind the office which I feel make the experience less stressful. I continue to go there even though I live in another state because I trust them.

Cord S.

I've gone to Dr. Katz since the day he opened. Nobody is more kind and gracious to his patients and nobody is more genuinely happy to see you when you walk in. Knowing the Katz family personally.....Dr. Katz lives and breathes teeth. It's all he does and is consumed with it. I can't believe someone can be so passionate about teeth....but he's always been that way. An amazing new force came to the office when his son, Steve Katz joined his practice. Steve graduated top of his class at dental school and having known him for 35 years is absolutely one of the smartest people I've ever met. His chair-side manner is impeccable and there's something about his hands that are special.....he works around your mouth without your really knowing he's there. I move people to Austin for a living and am always asked for referrals on Doctors, Dentists and the like..... I've always received such great "thank you's" from clients I send to Dr. Katz. They're just the best! I could never say enough good....both personally and professionally.

Amanda T.

Dr. Katz is an artist in my opinion! He's work looks real and everyone I have ever revealed that my front teeth were redone can't believe how they look so much like real teeth. I get complaints all the time and my smile is bigger and brighter then it was when I came to see him! His staff is genuine and all know what they are doing. He sails a smooth ship that's well organized. Dr. Jerry Katz is so nice and genuinely cares how you are doing. He's a all around great man and Dentist.

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